Preparing for assessments

Learn how to maximise your marks and complete assessments on time using an assessment preparation cycle. This topic focuses on the important first step of clearly understanding task instructions and rubrics and planning accordingly.

Learning outcomes

This topic assists you to understand how to:


Successfully completing your assessment tasks should be your main focus as you progress through your university studies. Assessment tasks are designed to assess your understanding of and ability to apply the key concepts taught in each unit and your ability to present your informed response in a way that is appropriate for university.

It is important to remember that while there are general expectations as to how you should present your response, it is the task instructions and marking rubric that dictate the specific requirements of the task and how exactly your marks will allocated. For this reason, clearly understanding your task instructions and rubric, and creating a plan specifically focused on addressing these task requirements is crucial to success.

This topic offers an assessment preparation cycle to help you conceptualise the steps required to successfully approach assessment tasks, outlines strategies to help you understand the task instructions and marking rubrics, and suggests steps to take to plan your response.

The Assessment Preparation Cycle

The following cycle outlines key steps required to successfully prepare assessment tasks. Each of these steps highlight key skills you will need to demonstrate as you prepare your informed response, and indicate the time that may be required to complete an assessment task. Ensure that you keep this in mind when using your session planner and plan your time accordingly. It is expected that you may need to cycle back through some steps as you prepare your assessment.

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