Planning & study strategies

Learn how to manage your assessments and study efficiently with planning and note taking strategies, and how to reduce stress and access support.

managing stress

Studying at university can be a challenging and stressful time. Being organised and managing your time well is a great start, but there are many other things you can do to manage study stress.

Here are some top tips to help you beat the study stress:

The most important thing to remember is that you are not on your own.

SCU offers a range of support services free to all students.

Support for your learning

The Learning Zone

If you need help adjusting to university, managing your study, or understanding and completing your assessment tasks, visit the Learning Zone.  The Learning Zone is here to help students develop skills in academic literacy, academic integrity and numeracy, and offer support in the form of one on one or small group appointments with a learning coach, workshops, drop in peer to peer Study Buddi sessions and peer mentoring through the UniMentor service. Access to these services is through the Learning Zone website where you will also find a range of “how to” short clips and Quick Guides and workshop recordings.

The Library

The library provides an inclusive physical and virtual space for all students to access a huge range of services and resources. On campus students can access the quiet study areas, collaborative spaces, bookable group study rooms and computing and wireless facilities. The library also provides access to a wealth of online services and resources for both on and off campus students, with a great range of online databases, ebook collections, subject specific Libguides and helpful training tutorials and videos, all accessible via the library website and Blackboard page. The Library Get Help page is the best way to connect with the Library and remember, you can also hop onto the live chat service, available from 9am-5pm on weekdays and 1-5pm on weekends.

Support for your wellbeing

Final top tips

  • The key to successful and stress free study is preparation and planning. Familiarising yourself with your unit content and assessment task requirements at the beginning of each session/term/study period is crucial.
  • Your study efforts should revolve around your assessment tasks. Use session and weekly planners to manage your time so that assessment tasks may be completed effectively and efficiently. Use a concept journal, note-taking and note-making strategies to ensure you capture, retain and can access relevant information required to complete your assessment tasks.
  • Develop time management and study strategies that work for you. Be realistic in creating a manageable study schedule, consider your learning style and try to be consistent in your approach.
  • Try different approaches to managing study stress. Practicing mindfulness and reflection, spending time in nature, exercising and being with friends and family are common stress busters.
  • Always remember that help is available.

Further information on managing your wellbeing can be found within our Digital Skills topic Digital identity & wellbeing.

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