Planning & study strategies

Learn how to manage your assessments and study efficiently with planning and note taking strategies, and how to reduce stress and access support.

Learning outcomes

This topic will enable you to better understand study requirements and learn how to:


Good planning and study strategies can help you to manage overwhelm and beat study stress. A clear understanding of requirements, a realistic time management plan and strategies for managing and effectively using your study notes can be key to success. It is also important that you know where to find help and that you seek it early.

In this topic, the benefits of using term and weekly planners as a means of both managing time and developing an understanding of expectations are explained. Note taking and note making strategies are outlined and an overview of how to beat stress and access support is provided.

Understanding requirements

Spending time at the beginning of each term planning for your assessments and weekly tasks will be time well spent. A well-considered time management plan will enable you to work efficiently and to submit your assessments on time. Study strategies can also be beneficial in supporting you to locate, organise and access the information you will need to complete your assessments and prepare for exams.

Before creating a time management plan, you need first to understand your study commitments and assessment requirements for each unit you are enrolled in.

While we know that good time management can help get work in on time, the benefits of planning out a study schedule extend far beyond this. Going through the process of creating term and weekly planners can also help you to:

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