Organising & presenting your work

Organisation is a key skill in the life of a student. This topic outlines the importance of being prepared and organised, and provides some top tips on creating engaging presentations.

Learning outcomes

This topic will assist in your understanding of:

  • the importance of being prepared and organised
  • how to improve your presentation skills and create engaging presentations

Organisational skills

Organisation is a key skill in the life of a student. Being organised means planning and saving time (good time management). Being organised means less stress and frustration when it comes to assignment due dates and exams. It can also mean better productivity and success in your studies and future career.

Organisation means creating a balance between study, work and family life.

The university provides many resources to help students stay on top of their studies, browse our top suggestions below:

  • As a starting point, access the SCU FYI Module which will take you through the first essential steps to help you get started with your studies.
  • As a student you are able to download Microsoft Office 365 on your personal device. It is highly likely you will end up using Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook calendar frequently throughout your studies. Becoming familiar with the software means knowing what you need to use and when.
  • Learning Zone Quick Guides are a wonderful resource available for students. Short downloadable pdfs which cover a range of important topics and skills you will need throughout your studies.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Library early. Knowing how to navigate the Library and all it has to offer can help you succeed in your studies.

Study with Jess is an informative and fun channel full of great study tips to motivate you and help you to achieve your study goals.

Presenting your work

Presentation is also an important skill to become comfortable with. Throughout your studies you will be asked to present your work in a variety of ways, be it through written assignments, oral or multimedia presentations, as well as group work.

Hone your presentation skills with these tips from kids!

Here are our top tips for creating engaging presentations:

  • Google Slides – A free, web-based presentation tool that requires a Google Account to use. To access Google Slides without an internet connection you need to use the Google Chrome browser and install Google Docs offline Chrome extension. Slides offers a small range of templates. You can easily edit text as well as insert images, diagrams, videos, and shapes. You can export your files into a range of file formats, including PowerPoint (.pptx). Check out this beginners tutorial.
  • PowerPoint – A wonderful tool for creating visually interesting work with a professional edge. It comes with SCU’s Microsoft Office 365 download package. Check out this short video for creating powerful presentations (including use of PowerPoint). Then check out these design tips from UNSW.
  • Prezi – Another software presentation tool which uses visuals and animations to help tell your story. You can sign up for a free basic account which gives you a variety of templates, and custom presentations as well.

Content reused and adapted from Digital Essentials by UQ Library Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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