Study skills

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Planning & study strategies

Learn how to manage your assessments and study efficiently with planning and note taking strategies, and how to reduce stress and access support.

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Preparing for assessments

Learn how to maximise your marks and complete assessments on time using an assessment preparation cycle. This topic focuses on the important first step of clearly understanding task instructions and rubrics and planning accordingly.

Searching strategies

To research effectively you need to develop skills in analysing the assessment question, identifying keywords and related synonyms as well as creating a workable search string for the library catalogue and databases.

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Finding information

This topic will take you through the best places to search for your discipline area and provide searching demonstration videos to understand how the library catalogue and specific databases work.

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This topic introduces you to effective reading strategies including note-taking from reading, how to evaluate sources and how to use a synthesis grid to organise key information from your readings.

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Writing at university

To write in an academic style appropriate for university, you need to be able to draw on evidence to present an informed response, demonstrate an understanding of the key features of academic writing, structure your writing appropriately and use academic language and writing conventions. This topic shows you how.

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Citing evidence & referencing

Learn how to correctly use sources as evidence, integrate sources within your writing and understand the basic elements of referencing.

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Editing & preparing to submit

Editing is an important part of the writing process, and leaving enough time to edit and proofread your work can help you achieve better results.

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