Study skills

Searching strategies

To research effectively you need to develop skills in analysing the assessment question, identifying keywords…

Finding information

This topic will take you through the best places to search for your discipline area…


This topic introduces you to effective reading strategies including note-taking from reading, how to evaluate…

see also Digital skills

  • Digital identity & wellbeing
    This topic will assist in your understanding of the ways to be safe and responsible online and how to improve your wellbeing when using technology.
  • Digital citizenship & copyright
    As a good digital citizen you respect intellectual property and the rights of content creators and use and share information ethically. This topic will help you to understand your rights and responsibilities as creators and consumers of media online.
  • Fake news
    This topic will help you understand the influence of social media on fake news, how it can be created and easily spread, and how you can identify what is real or fake.
  • Sourcing & creating multimedia
    This topic will help you to understand what is Creative Commons and how to source openly licensed multimedia.
  • Communicating & collaborating online
    Communicating effectively online is a key digital skill needed for study, the workplace and throughout your life. This topic provides information and tips for communicating and collaborating online.
  • Organising & presenting your work
    Organisation is a key skill in the life of a student. This topic outlines the importance of being prepared and organised, and provides some top tips on creating engaging presentations.